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Are you planning an extended family vacation in the United States? Long-term rental properties and extended stay accommodations can provide the perfect solution for families seeking a home away from home. 

Are you planning an extended family vacation in the United States? Long-term rental properties and extended stay accommodations can provide the perfect solution for families seeking a home away from home.

we will explore the benefits of extended stay resorts, discuss factors to consider when choosing long-term rentals, and provide a list of family-friendly vacation condos, hotels, and accommodations in the US.

Benefits of Extended Stay Resorts for Families

When embarking on a long-term family trip, extended stay resorts offer several advantages over traditional hotels. These accommodations are designed to provide a comfortable and convenient experience for families, with spacious living areas, fully equipped kitchens, and separate bedrooms. 

This allows families to have more space, privacy, and flexibility during their stay. Additionally, many extended stay resorts offer amenities such as swimming pools, playgrounds, and recreational facilities, providing entertainment options for children of all ages.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Long-Term Rental Properties

Selecting the right long-term rental property for your family is crucial to ensure a pleasant and hassle-free stay. Consider factors such as location, proximity to attractions and amenities, safety measures, and the availability of family-oriented services. Research online reviews and ratings, and reach out to the property managers to inquire about specific needs or concerns. It’s also essential to evaluate the rental agreement terms, including lease duration, deposit requirements, and any restrictions that may apply.

Top Family-Friendly Vacation Condos in the US

The United States is home to numerous family-friendly vacation condos that cater to the needs of extended stay travelers. Whether you prefer beachside resorts, mountain retreats, or urban condos, there are options available to suit every family’s preferences. Some popular destinations include Orlando, Florida, known for its theme parks and entertainment; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, offering beautiful beaches and family-friendly attractions; and Lake Tahoe, California, with its stunning natural landscapes and outdoor activities.

Long Stay Hotels with Kid-Friendly Amenities

If you prefer the convenience of a hotel, many long stay hotels in the US provide kid-friendly amenities and services. These establishments understand the unique needs of families and offer features like children’s play areas, game rooms, on-site dining options with kid-friendly menus, and organized activities for children. Some hotels also provide babysitting services, allowing parents to have some time to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Features and Amenities to Look for in Family-Oriented Extended Stay Accommodations

When searching for family-oriented extended stay accommodations, there are specific features and amenities that can enhance your experience. Look for properties that offer fully equipped kitchens, laundry facilities, separate bedrooms or sleeping areas, and communal spaces where families can gather and spend quality time together. 

Additionally, amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, on-site dining options, and access to recreational activities can add value to your family’s extended stay experience. Some accommodations may also provide complimentary breakfast or social events where families can connect with fellow travelers.

Popular Destinations for Extended Family Stays in America

When choosing an extended stay resort or rental property, the destination plays a vital role in creating memorable experiences for your family. The United States offers a wide range of destinations suitable for extended family stays. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant city experience, a beach getaway, or a tranquil mountain retreat, there are options available to cater to your preferences. 

Popular destinations include New York City, with its iconic landmarks and diverse attractions; the sunny beaches of Miami, Florida; the enchanting beauty of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, and the family-friendly theme parks in Orlando, Florida.

How to Make the Most of Your Extended Stay with Kids

Making the most of your extended stay with kids involves careful planning and consideration. Research family-friendly activities and attractions in the area and create a schedule that allows for a balance of exploration and relaxation. Engage your children in the planning process by involving them in selecting activities or destinations they’re interested in. 

Take advantage of the amenities provided by your chosen accommodation, such as organizing a family game night or enjoying a picnic by the pool. Creating a routine and maintaining a sense of familiarity can help children feel more comfortable during the extended stay.

Budget-Friendly Options for Families on Extended Stays

Extended family stays can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional short-term vacations, especially when traveling with a larger group. Look for accommodations that offer discounted rates for longer stays or consider renting a vacation condo or house, which often provides more space and amenities at a lower cost compared to hotel rooms. Additionally, preparing meals at your accommodation can help save on dining expenses. Take advantage of local grocery stores and farmers’ markets to purchase ingredients and enjoy home-cooked meals as a family.

Safety and Security Considerations for Family Extended Stays

Ensuring the safety and security of your family during an extended stay is of utmost importance. When researching accommodations, inquire about the safety measures implemented by the property, such as 24/7 security, secure parking, and surveillance systems. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the emergency procedures and exits in case of unforeseen circumstances. It’s also advisable to choose accommodations in well-established and reputable areas, where safety is prioritized.

Best Practices for Booking Extended Stay Accommodations for Families

When booking extended stay accommodations for your family, there are some best practices to keep in mind. Start by researching and comparing options based on your family’s needs and preferences. Read reviews and testimonials from previous guests to gain insights into their experiences. 

Reach out to the property directly to ask any questions or address specific concerns. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure the desired accommodations. Finally, consider booking through reputable online travel agencies or directly through the property’s website to ensure a smooth and reliable process.

Tips for Creating a Home-Like Environment during Extended Stays

During an extended stay, creating a home-like environment can contribute to a sense of comfort and familiarity for your family. Bring along personal items such as favorite toys, books, or blankets for children to help them feel more at ease. 

Set up a designated area where family members can engage in activities together, such as a cozy reading nook or a game table. Personalize the space by displaying family photos or artwork. Additionally, maintaining a regular routine, such as meal times or bedtime rituals, can help establish a sense of normalcy and stability.

Activities and Entertainment Options for Families at Extended Stay Resorts

Extended stay resorts often provide a plethora of activities and entertainment options for families. Take advantage of the amenities offered, such as swimming pools, sports courts, and playgrounds. Many resorts organize family-friendly events and activities, such as movie nights, arts and crafts sessions, or scavenger hunts. 

Explore the surrounding area for local attractions, parks, or nature trails where you can enjoy outdoor activities together as a family. Some resorts also offer organized excursions or tours to nearby attractions, providing opportunities for exploration and adventure.

Testimonials from Families Who Have Enjoyed Extended Stay Accommodations

Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from families who have experienced the benefits of extended stay accommodations:

  • “Our extended stay at a family-friendly vacation condo was amazing. The spacious layout and fully equipped kitchen made it feel like a home away from home. The kids loved the swimming pool and playground. Highly recommended!” — The Johnson Family, California.
  • “We had a fantastic time at the long stay hotel with our kids. The hotel’s kid-friendly amenities and organized activities kept them entertained throughout our extended vacation. The staff was friendly and accommodating. We can’t wait to come back!” — The Smith Family, Texas.
  • “Choosing an extended stay resort for our family trip was the best decision. The resort’s location near popular attractions and the comfortable, family-oriented accommodations exceeded our expectations. We had a memorable and enjoyable experience.” — The Davis Family, New York.


Extended stay resorts and accommodations provide a fantastic option for families seeking long-term rental properties in the United States. With their spacious layouts, family-friendly amenities, and home-like environments, these accommodations offer the perfect setting for a comfortable and memorable extended family vacation

By considering factors such as location, amenities, safety, and budget, you can find the ideal extended stay option that meets your family’s needs and preferences. So start planning your extended family stay and create lasting memories together.


1. Are extended stay resorts more cost-effective than traditional hotels for families? Yes, extended stay resorts can be more cost-effective for families, especially when traveling for a longer duration. They often offer discounted rates for extended stays and provide amenities such as fully equipped kitchens, allowing families to save on dining expenses.

2. Can I find extended stay accommodations near popular tourist destinations? Yes, there are extended stay accommodations available near popular tourist destinations in the United States. Research the specific destination you’re interested in, and you’re likely to find a range of options to choose from.

3. How do I ensure the safety of my family during an extended stay? Prioritize safety when selecting accommodations. Inquire about the security measures implemented by the property, choose reputable areas, and familiarize yourself with emergency procedures.

4. Can I personalize the extended stay accommodations to make them feel more like home? Absolutely! Bringing personal items, setting up designated family spaces, and maintaining regular routines can help create a home-like environment during your extended stay.

5. How far in advance should I book extended stay accommodations? It’s recommended to book extended stay accommodations in advance, especially during peak travel seasons, to secure your desired accommodations. Start your search and make reservations as soon as your travel plans are confirmed.

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